Cruise facility being opposed by environmentalists

Cruise facility being opposed by environmentalists 

The operation of cruise will disturb the life cycle in water. 
Cruise facility being opposed by environmentalists
The waters will get polluted because of cruise.

Cruise facility in Lake Pichola is being arranged but it is now facing the oppositon of environmentalists. As per the experts, the cruise will pollute the lakes hence resulting in disturbing the life cycle in the water. 

Several issues have been pointed out during the opposition. The fact that the lakes are not big enough for the operation of cruise must be kept into consideration. Also that Udaipur's lakes are the biggest source of drinking water supply. The cruise will very obviously pollute the drinking water supply of the city. AND THIS IS A MAJOR ISSUE.

The operation of any curise will disturb the life cycle in the water to a great extent. The birds and other water creatures are at a big risk because of cruise. The natural habitat will get extremely polluted resulting in fatal consequences for the creatures. 

Environmentalist RM Lodha, Dr Anil Mehta of Lake Conservation Committee and Dr Satish Kumar Sharma (Retired Assistant Forest Conservator) have strongly opposed the operation of cruise in the Pichola. There will be release of oil from the cruise which will make the water unhealthy for drinking purposes and it will also kill the creatures in the lake. It may also be noted that recently there was massive opposition of the jetties,too, alongside Lake Pichola. 

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