CTAE Udaipur invented Solar Bicycle and Solar Tree

CTAE Udaipur invented Solar Bicycle and Solar Tree 

CTAE is making significant eco-friendly technologies in their campus

CTAE made Solar Bicycle and Solar Tree

The College of Technology and Engineering (CTAE), located in Udaipur, Rajasthan, has recently made significant technological innovations. Dr. Vikramaditya Dave, Head and Associate Professor, presented the UdaipurTimes members with the Solar Bicycle and the NAV NIDHI ASTH SIDDHI SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC TREE during the conversation. These two technologies are environmental friendly and powered by solar energy.

Solar Bicycle or e-Bicycle: 

Solar Bicycle

A Solar Bicycle is operated through solar energy which is run through a battery and can be charged through the sun. Since it is a bicycle, a person can use the pedals to move the bicycle  if the battery and solar charging stop. One can effortlessly carry their personal stuff with them thanks to the provided carrier. Students, office workers, and others can use the bicycle on a daily basis and it is environment friendly. According to Dr. Dave, the bicycle's creation was inspired by concerns for environmental preservation and human health.


Solar Tree

This is another innovation done by the college. NAV means 9 panels and ASTH SIDDHI means the tree is working in 8 manners. Dr. Dave further elaborated by saying that this solar tree is surrounded by shadow loving plants. Technical Specification - Built in the area of 16 square feet, the panels are made of Polycrystalline Silicon. It is inclined at an angle of 24.68 (latitude of Udaipur) and has a battery of 150 Ah (4). Power conditioning Unit 3k VA. Structure made of GI steel pipe and has earthing and lightning surge protection. 

Specific works of the solar tree:

1 Lifting RO waste water to the overhead tank to feed Rest room.

2. Watering plants through a Drip irrigation system.

3. Power Supply to Electric Worship System.

4. Power Supply to LED Display Unit of Department.

5. Power Supply to Solar Photovoltaic Fountain.

6. Supply to Street Light.

7. Supply to Panel Cleaning Pump.

8. Supply to Light Load of Laboratory. 


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