Damaged wall of Baghela talab collapses

Damaged wall of Baghela talab collapses

The promenade was damaged and fell down on Tuesday morning.
Damaged wall of Baghela talab collapses
The damaged wall of Baghela talab can prove to be a disaster for Eklingji temple area and Kailashpuri area.

Baghela talab is one of the historic water bodies of Mewar region. The wall of the promenade of this talab collapsed on early Tuesday morning. 

It may be noted that the promenade got damaged some years back due to a blast that was done in the hills of this area. Since it was not repaired, it weakened and fell on Tuesday. 

The falling of this wall has created a terror in the residents of Kailsahpuri and also in Eklingji temple area. It has also been reported that residents have informed about this probable danger to the administration a number of times but no action has been taken.

Eye witnesses said that someone emptied 'bajri' near the promenade and since it was already weak it couln't take the load and fell. The entire bajri and the damaged parts of the wall fell down in the water.

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