Dangerous game “Momo challenge” hits social media

Dangerous game “Momo challenge” hits social media

Parents be alert and keep any eye on your child's activities on mobiles.

Dangerous game “Momo challenge” hits social media

It is time for parents to be alert once again. As if “Blue whale” was not enough, “Momo challenge” has hit social media to pose another danger for children.

ALERT, ALERT, ALERT parents please be alert against this new game which has reportedly hit facebook where members are challenged to communicate with an unknown number. Allegedly, it involves challenges in a series of violent games which ultimately ends in suicide.

It has been hardly a year when children were swept off by the challenges of “Blue Whale”. Now “Momo Challenge” has come up to play with the lives of children. It is also being reported that the game has taken life of a 12 year old Australian girl as it is also being circulated on whatsapp.

Participants are “invited” to communicate with an unknown number. Once a contact is established, the Momo account sends a series of challenges that are to be completed in order to meet “Momo”. Allegedly, it involves a series of incidents where violent acts are followed by suicide.

The image has “Momo” as a doll with violent monstrous looks. Reports say that the looks are responsible for arousing the curiosity of a child. As of now, there have been no reports of this violently disastrous game circulating in India and cyber experts say that this is a hoax.

Whatever the case may be, parents are still requested and alerted to keep their eyes open and monitor the activities of their child. If your child seems too involved in any kind of activity on mobile phones, do make sure that you follow them and make them sit with you while their heads are bent on the smart phones for the supposed educational videos.

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