55 year old deceased man's body allegedly exhumed minutes after his burial at Udaipur

55 year old deceased man's body allegedly exhumed minutes after his burial at Udaipur

Wife and daughter of the deceased claim that the man had been murdered, hence a post mortem was warranted.

The dead body of a 55 year old deceased from the Dawoodi bohra community in Udaipur was exhumed minutes after his burial at Khanjipeer in Udaipur

The deceased belonged to the Dawoodi Bohra community and the burial was conducted as per the formalities and approvals.

In an one of a kind incident that would render shudders, the body of a 55 year old man was allegedly exhumed in the late hours of Monday, 10 April minutes after his burial at the Dawoodi Bohra Qabrastan in  Khanjipeer.  The procedure was conducted after the wife and daughter of the  deceased raised suspicion on the death of the man.  As per confirmed reports, Kaizar Paliwala, the deceased, a resident of Udaipur, was suffering from brain tumor and was bedridden from the last few months.  Even though his treatment was in progress, his condition was deteriorating.

In an interaction with UdaipurTimes, Kaizar's niece Fatima informed that her uncle Kaizar and his wife were not on cordial terms and were not staying with each other for some time. The couple was separated following which Kaizar was staying with his 85 year old mother whereas his wife Zehra and their 3 daughters were living in a seprate floor in the same house at Neemuch Khera in Udaipur. In her interaction with the media, Fatima said that her uncle's body was exhumed.

While on one hand Kaizar's sister Malika and his other relatives claimed that his wife Zehra was allegedly harrasing him in various ways; Kaizar's estranged wife Zehra and daughter Mariya Paliwala claimed that Kaizar's relatives never let them even see Kaizar and allegedly starved him to death. While the matter of Kaizar's custody was in consideration at the High Court, Kaizar died on Monday night at around 8 pm.

हत्या के आरोप की वजह से दफनाने के बाद कब्र से वापस निकाला शव, dead body exhumed in udaipur

After his death, the relatives of Kaizar cremated his body at the graveyard located at Khanjipeer in Udaipur.  However, a few hours later his wife Zehra filled a complaint at Ambamata police station claiming that she had a doubt on her husband's death and demanded that a Post Mortem be conducted.

Following the complaint a team from Amabamata police station rushed to the graveyard and exhumed the body from the grave and shifted the body to the government mortuary in Udaipur for postmortem.

हत्या के आरोप की वजह से दफनाने के बाद कब्र से वापस निकाला शव, dead body exhumed in udaipur

Kaizar's daughter Mariya claimed that her father had been murdered, he needed treatment as he was battling with brain tumor from the last 1 decade. She said that they had contacted the Inspecter General of Police, Superintendent of Police and even the Station House Officer for help but no one helped.

Mariya added that her father's sisters' motive was to take over his property due to which they had kept him captive and did not allow his wife and daughters to meet him. She added that his relatives took her father Kaizar 's dead body in thier possesion and buried it without their consent. She and her mother demanded justice and thus wanted the post mortem of the body be conducted.

Investigating Officer Gopal Krishna said that the postmortem of the dead body was conducted through the medical board and the dead body was subsequently handed over to the relatives to conduct the final rites. The burial of the deceased will be done (once again) on 11 April.

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