Delhi Gate Intersection will Expand to Improve Traffic Flow

Delhi Gate Intersection will Expand to Improve Traffic Flow

Traffic Management: Udaipur authorities announced intersection expansion plan

Delhi Gate

Udaipur: Udaipur authorities have announced plans to widen the bustling Delhi Gate intersection by 10 feet on the side adjacent to the police control room. This expansion aims at reducing the sidewalk near the control room's rear wall by approximately 10 feet.

Following this adjustment, the width of the road at the intersection is set to increase from the current 12.5 meters to around 15.5 meters. This enhancement alleviate traffic flow, particularly if the 49 shops (kiosks) currently occupying the opposite side of the intersection are removed in the future. However, decisions regarding these disputed shops are pending, with involved parties seeking legal recourse.

The alterations, including the sidewalk reduction near the control room, aim to streamline traffic movement from Bapu Bazaar to the Hathi Pol intersection. Consequently, vehicles heading towards Hathi Pol will experience uninterrupted passage, even amidst queues formed at the intersection's red light. Additionally, authorities have instructed the relocation of electric poles installed in the vicinity.

Improve Traffic Flow at Court Intersection

To improve safety, six sections of the pencil divider on the road from Court intersection to the Collector's House will be removed. This change comes after assessments showed that these dividers were making it difficult for vehicles to navigate this curve. 

Bapu Bazaar Inspection

On the other hand, Mayor Tank and Deputy Mayor Singhvi led the city's inspection team to different places. In Bapu Bazaar, Deputy Mayor Paras Singhvi saw wires hanging around, making the city look messy. He quickly ordered their removal. The Mayor told Ritesh Patidar, the Smart City officer, to act fast and follow the city's instructions.

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