Dentist gets duped-Fake employment call

Dentist gets duped-Fake employment call

The growing greed makes you a victim and obviously you lose.

Dentist gets duped-Fake employment call

Greed takes over and humans lose senses. Despite plenty of news circulations in newspapers and social media, people are still falling prey to fake calls. It is merely greed that makes people lose their hard earned money.

One such incident occurred with a dentist who got duped by a fake employment call. The dentist lost more than 1.25 lakh rupees in the process of getting a good job in Dubai. The case has been registered with Pratapnagar police station. Prashant Sethi registered a complaint that he got a call from a certain company stating that the company provides jobs in Dubai. The caller asked for 1.18 lakh rupees as security money for getting a job. Prashant transferred the amount online. A few days later he rang up on the caller’s number to find the details after which they asked for 10,000 rupees more. Later he realised that something was wrong and he informed police.

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Why are people falling prey to such incidents when every now and then, alerts are being rolled out in this direction? People are simply losing their hard earned money in greed for more. Where does the common sense go when such calls are received? Is it some kind of hypnotism? No genuine company would ever ask for a security amount online. PEOPLE NEED TO BE ALERT.

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