Zika virus|Check details of this virus

Zika virus|Check details of this virus

Zika virus is a mosquito transmitted disease.
zika virus
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In India, Zika was first reported in 2016 in Gujarat.

Now Kerala is on an alert since 14 cases of Zika virus have been found and it has also spread to Maharashtra.

Kerala has reported 14 cases of Zika virus and state of alert has been declared in all districts of Kerala. The health authorities are highly concerned as the Zika infections have been linked to nervous system disorder (Guillain-Barré syndrome). It has now entered Maharashtra.

What is Zika and how can it be prevented?

Zika is a mosquito-transmitted infection mostly spread by an infected Aedes species mosquito. The most shocking part is that this infection can also be transmitted sexually.

It has been found that people infected with Zika will have no symptoms or will have mild fever and rashes.

Pregnant women are at a big risk if infected with Zika virus. Zika can lead to congenital defects in the new-borns which results in the brain being small and under-developed.


The only way to prevention is removing breeding sites and reducing contact between mosquitoes and people. It is imperative that breeding areas for mosquitoes such as places or containers which hold water are removed. Insecticide should also be sprayed from time to time.


Zika virus, as discussed by the health experts, is relatively mild and does not require a specific treatment. People infected with Zika virus must drink plenty of fluids and take paracetamol for fever and pains. Medical care must be taken in case the condition gets worse. Currently no vaccine is available against Zika virus.

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