New direct road will connect Sevashram-Subhash Nagar to Ashok Nagar

New direct road will connect Sevashram-Subhash Nagar to Ashok Nagar 

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Sevashram-Subash Nagar road link Ashok Nagar

After years of disputes, the construction work on the road connecting Hiranmagari and Subhash Nagar in Udaipur city to Sukhadiya University Road, Shobhagpura, and Ashoknagar has finally commenced. This new road will provide residents with a direct route to Lake City Mall near Ayad Pulia via Ayad River, eliminating the need for detours. The construction of a 60-foot-wide road from Lakecity Mall to Subhash Nagar, as proposed in Udaipur's Master Plan for approximately three years, had been delayed for an extended period due to disputes among the account holders. However, District Collector and UIT Chairman Arvind Poswal successfully resolved this longstanding issue, ensuring that the private account holders granted the necessary right of way for the project to progress.

To address this longstanding issue, construction work on the road began on Wednesday, coinciding with the delivery of the compensation amount drafts to the account holders. The completion of this road is expected to significantly alleviate traffic congestion and improve the overall traffic system.

District Collector Arvind Poswal stated that the masterplan included a proposal for a 60-foot-wide, 750-meter-long road from Lake City Mall to Subhash Nagar, facilitated by Ayad. Previously, the Trust had approved and initiated work on this road; however, due to certain account holders not granting the necessary land rights for the road's completion, the project was only partially executed, resulting in road obstructions.

Following his appointment in Udaipur, Collector Poswal conducted his inaugural visit on August 3, during which he inspected the site alongside Trust officials. Subsequently, he convened a meeting with the account holders and, through persuasive efforts, facilitated the way for the construction of this road in the broader public interest. Following this successful resolution, the Urban Development Trust in Udaipur assessed the suitable compensation for private land and buildings that were within the road construction area. The Trust then approved the compensation amount.

At the site, Trust Secretary Sawan Kumar Chayal and Additional Chief Engineer Sanjeev Sharma personally delivered the compensation drafts to the beneficiaries and took possession of their lands falling within the right-of-way for the road. Concurrently, the construction work on the road was initiated. Present during this process were Superintending Engineer Anit Mathur, Technical Advisor B.L. Kothari, Executive Engineer Hitesh Sukhwal, and Assistant Engineer Prabhulal Suthar.

Secretary Chayal emphasized that upon the completion of this road, as outlined in the master plan, there will be a substantial reduction in traffic congestion at Thokar Square, Kumharon Ka Bhatta, and Durga Nursery Road. Additionally, the residents of the area will experience relief from the challenges posed by the significant influx of traffic during auspicious events held in the gardens situated in Subhash Nagar and Patho Ki Magri.

The traffic flow between Sevashram and Durga Nursery Tiraha via Kumharon Ka Bhatta which spans approximately 1.50 km, will see a notable reduction in distance. This decrease in traffic congestion in the area will offer convenient access to nearby residential colonies and the passport office situated along this route. Secretary Chayal affirmed that the Trust is committed to swiftly completing the construction of this road.


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