Disappointed voters left polling stations over missing names in voter list

Disappointed voters left polling stations over missing names in voter list

Voters filed complaints to the Election Department over registration issues...


Disappointed Voters

During the Assembly elections held on Saturday, November 25, 2023, numerous voters in Udaipur district faced difficulties as their names were missing from the voter list. Disheartened, those who arrived to cast their votes discovered that neither their names nor those of their family members were present on the voter list. Consequently, they left without being able to participate in the voting process.

Adding to the difficulty, there are voters whose family members are partially listed—some individuals are included, while others are not. This inconsistency in the voter list has led to frustration among the electorate. In response to these issues, affected individuals have filed complaints to the Election Department, seeking resolution and clarification. 

Iftiyar Khan, who arrived to vote at the distinguished booth center in Ward-67 at St. Paul School, mentioned that he successfully cast his vote. However, he expressed concern that his mother, Kamrun Nisha, and father, Roshan Khan, did not find their names on the voter list, despite being regular voters in every assembly and central election. This discrepancy in the voter list has raised questions about the accuracy and completeness of the electoral registration process. It highlights the need for scrutiny and rectification to ensure the integrity of the voting system.

Kumail Rv, the son of Zahid Rv from Udaipur, went to cast their vote at Saifee Senior Secondary English Medium School, Udaipur. However, upon reaching there, the polling agent informed him that his name was not on the list. The agent mentioned that Kumail had come from Agra and couldn't cast a normal vote but his vote will be considered as 'Challenging Vote'. A similar situation unfolded for Kumail's father, Zahid Rv, who had come from Kuwait where he works. Upon contacting the Booth Level Officer (BLO), Mr. Dinesh Vashisth, he initially expressed disbelief, stating that it was not possible for their names to be absent from the list. After Mr. Dinesh conducted a thorough inquiry, he discovered that their names were indeed present but located at the very last page. Subsequently, the father and son were able to cast their votes.

In another situation Amit Ved, along with his father Banshilal Ved and wife Indra Ved, discovered that their names were not listed in the voter registry. As a result, they were compelled to leave the polling center without casting their votes. Similarly, Khushboo Aheer and Ranjeet Aheer faced the same problem, being unable to vote due to the absence of their names on the voter list. 

As per the District Election Department guidelines, individuals who are unable to locate their names in the voter list can seek assistance from the Booth Level Officer (BLO) stationed at the designated booth. Furthermore, voters have the option to independently verify their names in the voter list using the Voter Helpline Application (VHA) on their mobile phones.

To accomplish this, voters should input their identification card number into the application. After completing this step, they will receive information indicating the booth and ward number where their name is registered. Moreover, individuals can also seek this information by sending a message to the Election Commission's helpline number 1950.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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