Ajmer Discom's vigilance campaign targets 11 Districts, aims to curb electricity misuse

Ajmer Discom's vigilance campaign targets 11 Districts, aims to curb electricity misuse

32 cases have been reported in Udaipur

Ajmer discom

During the vigilance campaign held on June 15 in all 11 districts of Ajmer Discom, the team carried out simultaneous checks at 5582 locations. Within this operation, instances of electricity theft were detected at 733 sites, while cases of electricity misuse were discovered at 324 locations. As a result, a combined fine of Rs 3.09 crore has been imposed on the offenders. The Managing Director of NS Nirvana announced the discom's goal of achieving less than 10 percent power wastage this year. In pursuit of this objective, a dedicated campaign has been initiated. The discom has directed its Operational Engineers from the ED, M&M, M&P, and Vigilance Branch to carry out vigilance checks as part of this effort.

On June 15, the engineers of the corporation conducted inspections at 5582 premises across 11 districts. During these inspections, a total of 733 instances of power theft were detected. The corporation has imposed a fine of Rs 1.82 crore on individuals involved in power theft. Likewise, the team identified instances of electricity misuse by discoms at 324 locations. A collective fine of Rs 1.27 crore has been imposed on these offenders. MD Nirvana highlighted that among the discom's team, the engineers from Chittorgarh district recorded the highest number of power theft cases, detecting a total of 111 instances. Consequently, a fine of Rs 27.71 lakh was imposed on them.

In addition to these findings, a total of 10 cases were reported in the Ajmer city circle, 13 cases in the Ajmer district circle, 48 cases in Bhilwara, 57 cases in Sikar, 32 cases in Udaipur, 3 cases in Rajsamand, 23 cases in Banswara, 15 cases in Dungarpur, 98 cases in Nagaur, 18 cases in Pratapgarh, and 104 cases in Jhunjhunu.

The individuals involved in stealing electricity were apprehended for their illicit activities. Additionally, the corporation's Vigilance wing identified 176 cases of power theft, while the M&P wing detected 25 instances. Furthermore, the discoms registered cases of electricity misuse at 324 locations, resulting in a fine of Rs 1.27 crore being imposed.

Area Investigation
Udaipur 32
Chittorgarh 111
Ajmer City 10
Ajmer District 13
Bhilwara 48
Sikar 57
Rajsamand 3
Banwara 23
Dungarpur 15
Nagore 98
Pratapgarh 18
Jhunjhunu 104
Vigilance Wing 176
M&P Wing 25

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