Tourist hotspots offer discounts for voters

Tourist hotspots offer discounts for voters

You may get a discount at some tourist places by showing ink of your vote...

Discount on Tourists Places

If you participate in the upcoming Legislative elections in Rajasthan on November 25,2023 and cast your vote, you could enjoy a special benefit in Udaipur. By simply applying ink to your finger as proof of voting, all voters will be eligible for a discount on tickets to various tourist attractions in the city.

The tourism industry in Udaipur is actively contributing to the promotion of civic participation. In an effort to raise awareness about the importance of voting, tourism businesses have introduced exclusive offers specifically for those who actively take part in the electoral process.

These offers are designed as incentives for voters and are exclusively available to individuals who fulfill their civic duty by casting their votes in the upcoming elections. It is a unique initiative to encourage voter turnout while allowing citizens to explore and enjoy the rich cultural and tourist offerings of Udaipur.

Upon showing the ink mark from voting, a 20% discount will be provided on tickets of Karni Mata Ropeway situated at Dudh Talai, Udaipur on November 27, 2023. Under the Sun Aquarium at Fateh Sagar is also  providing a discount on tickets. Tourists who display the ink mark from voting on their finger will enjoy a 40% discount on tickets until November 27.

Many city hotels have taken the initiative to promote awareness about voting by displaying posters, pamphlets, and banners. These materials include messages encouraging people to cast their votes, participate in the voting process on November 25, and other related content to inspire individuals to engage in the electoral process.

According to Deputy Director of Tourism Department Shikha Saxena, the democratic celebration is on November 25. In light of this, every citizen is encouraged to cast their vote. The tourism industry is actively involved in promoting voter awareness, with hotels and tourist spots taking initiatives under the department's guidance.

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