Dispute between medical students and police

Dispute between medical students and police

A dispute arose between police and medical students due to misunderstanding.

Dispute between medical students and police

A dispute took place between medical students and police when bike belonging to these students was seized by police late Saturday night.

It was late night on Saturday (early hours of Sunday) when police seized a bike belonging to medical students in the absence of relevant documents. It was released when President of resident doctors intervened in the matter.

As per news, some medical students were on their way to the hostel early morning on Sunday around 3:30 a.m. During this time, Hathipole police patrol was on duty. These students stopped to have food in the mess in front of Emergency. Hathipole police followed them on the basis of doubt and started interrogating them. Police even asked for the documents pertaining to bike which the students did not have. In the absence of papers and ID cards, police seized the bike.

The disappointed students reached PG Hostel and took along resident doctor Indra Ram to the police station to get back the bike at 5 a.m. This caused an argument between police and the students. In the meantime Dr. Rajveer Choudhary was also informed who intervened in this matter. After this the bike was returned to the students.

As per police, the students were drunk and were out to buy cigarettes. On the other hand, students have accused police patrol to be drunk and that they also misbehaved. Dr. Rajveer Choudhary said that the MBBS students went out to have tea after they were tired of studying. Police mistook them to be miscreants. Hathipole SI said that the bike was returned after checking papers. He also said that no argument took place between police and students.

Sources also say that the medical students threatened to protest against the action of police since their request was not being heard. Police reportedly misbehaved with students because they were out of hostel during late night hours.

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