ALERT-DO NOT Post your Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate online

ALERT-DO NOT Post your Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate online

The government is constantly issuing advisory against posting covid vaccination certificate over social media which is not to be ignored. 
covid vaccination certificate alert

The vaccination certificates contain your name and other personal details which can be used by fraudsters if posted anywhere online. 

The certificate also contains the last 4 digits of your identity card which can be misused and you can be robbed.

Social media platforms have become an easy way to let the world know about the happenings in our lives. From birthdays to good and bad moments to awards and recognitions, social platforms are being widely used.

Until now, there have been many instances when people have been asked to do away with the habit of posting all details of their forthcoming travels, ongoing trips etc. as this way people can very easily be targeted directly or indirectly by criminal minds. Now here comes the new issue.

Covid vaccination is going on in the entire country. People receive their vaccination certificates and get very excited about it and wish to share the information of their vaccination with the entire world.

Sharing the info is not an issue, the way of sharing it is.

The government has gone ahead to let the people know that sharing their vaccination certificates over social media can prove to be quite risky. By sharing the entire certificate over social media platform, we actually share all our details and enable the criminal minds to play fraud with us in a very convenient way.

The vaccination certificates have our name and our personal details…mainly the last 4 digits of our identity card. This information can be used by fraudsters for robbing us or for creating big troublesome issues for us. Hence, no one must share the vaccination certificates over any social media platform.

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