Udaipur Municipal Corporation Plans Construct Dog Shelter Following Tragic Incidents

Udaipur Municipal Corporation Plans Construct Dog Shelter Following Tragic Incidents

Capturing stray dogs from streets and neighborhoods will be a significant challenge for the corporation...

Stray Dogs in Udaipur
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In response to tragic incidents involving dog bites resulting in fatalities, the Udaipur Municipal Corporation has announced plans to establish a dog shelter within the city. This decision follows the recent deaths of two children due to dog attacks within a year.

Dog Sterilization and Vaccination

The proposed shelter, akin to existing cowsheds, aims to provide safe housing for dogs along with provisions for their food. Under guidelines from the Supreme Court, dogs housed in the shelter will undergo sterilization and vaccination to ensure public safety.

Dog Bite Incidents

The urgency for such a facility was underscored by the recent loss of a child near Mastan Baba Colony and a previous incident in the Tekri Gayariyawas area. These incidents have prompted concerns among members of the municipal administration committee, who pressed for immediate action during a recent administrative meeting.

Responding to these demands, the Mayor has approved a proposal for the dog shelter, which will now require land allocation from the Urban Development Authority (UDA). Currently, sterilization efforts for dogs are managed by the Animal Aid Society, though deemed insufficient in addressing the growing concerns. However, capturing stray dogs from streets and neighborhoods will be a significant challenge for the corporation.

Steps to Reduce Dog Attacks

  1. Implement a system to identify and remove aggressive and violent dogs based on reports from state institutions, educational facilities, parents, and residents, relocating them outside the city.
  2. Sterilize dogs displaying aggressive behavior, particularly near hospitals—such as labour rooms, maternity wards, operation theaters, and pediatric wards. Launch initiatives to capture and relocate these dogs away from urban areas.
  3. Require the registration of pet dogs and enforce regulations prohibiting their sterilization by owners. Collaborate with NGOs to increase programs for managing the stray dog population, with penalties for non-compliance by dog owners.

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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