Domestic tourists in Udaipur bring back the hustle and bustle in tourism

Domestic tourists in Udaipur bring back the hustle and bustle in tourism 

Gujarati tourists are flocking Lake City.
Domestic tourists in Udaipur bring back the hustle and bustle in tourism

-More than 80 percent tourists are Gujaratis.

-Foreign tourists are not yet able to travel becuase of covid. 

Udaipur tourism still awaits the opportunity to get completely back on tracks. The pandemic has created troubles and the fear of suffering huge losses is still on the minds of the people involved in the tourism sector. Hotels, taxi department, arts and handicrafts...everything is waiting for the buzz of both international and domestic tourists.

This year has been drastically ruled by corona virus. People from all walks of life have suffered, businesses have seen huge losses, unemployment ruled the charts and people lost health, lives and mental peace to this pandemic. However, things are getting back on tracks, though at a slow pace. Tourism in Udaipur is looking forward to regularisation; people involved in this industry are praying that Udaipur gets back its boost and that the hardships faced by them get over at the earliest.

Tourism is slowly getting back. Many tourists have been spotted though international tourists are yet to make a comeback. Out of the tourists here this season, 80 % are Gujaratis and the rest of the 20 percent are from Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. 9 thousand people visited Udaipur between 1st and 14th November.

Gujaratis usually move out of their hometowns during Diwali festival. One reason is that Gujarat and Udaipur are close neighbours and second and important reason is that businesses are closed in the Diwali season until the pancham tithi and people come into a real vacation mood and travel is always their first priority. Also Gujaratis prefer to visit Sri Nathji Temple in Nathdwara and post the temple visit they move to Udaipur city to enjoy their vacation.

It is being hoped that the numbers of tourists will increase by November end and December and January will be a good time for tourism sector. Medical help desks have been created to keep a check and to monitor the tourists to avoid any chances of the spread of this deadly virus.

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