Drink Water Directly from Tap in Puri

Drink Water Directly from Tap in Puri

Puri becomes the 1st city in India to provide clean drinking water directly from tap round the clock.
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The residents, tourists, pilgrims can avail the benefit of clean drinking water directly from the taps anywhere in Puri. 

The drink-from-tap or the Sujal mission was inaugurated on Monday.

Puri in Odisha has become the first city in India to provide 24x7 clean drinking water direct-from-taps. The facility was inaugurated on Monday by Chief Minister Navin Patnaik. The water can actually be taken directly from the taps and requires no cleaning or filtration. 

Puri has joined the elite international countires like Singapore, London and New York in supplying clean drinking or potable water from the taps throughout the day.

The Chief Minister while addressing the media said that tourists will now be able to avail the benefit of clean drinking water anywhere in the city. No water bottles would be required any longer. Puri is visited by a large number of tourists every year.

Water fountains have been installed at around 400 locations in Puri including the hot spots. The “Sujal” system will also reduce the use of plastic as no glasses or bottles will henceforth be required. People have been appealed and urged not to waste or pollute water.

Quick response teams, mobile crews etc. have been set up for quick redressal of leakages, water quality and other issues.

(media reports) 

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