Drinking Water Crisis Increase in Udaipur

Drinking Water Crisis Increase in Udaipur

Water Management: Residents Demand Immediate Action

Water Supply Interrupted

In response to mounting concerns over the drinking water crisis in Udaipur, District Collector Arvind Poswal conducted an assessment of the city's water supply arrangements. Inspecting the Khatikwada area of the Surajpol region, Collector evaluated the preparation of water supply, engaging with residents to gather the situation firsthand.

During the inspection, technical staff from the water department provided important insights to the Collector, detailing water pressure readings obtained through pressure meters and conducting chlorine tests to assess water quality. Poswal actively solicited feedback from citizens regarding water pressure and supply status.

Acknowledging the severity of the situation, departmental officials were directed to ensure uninterrupted water supply, especially during the scorching heat, with emphasis on maintaining water quality standards. Mohanlal Meena, a senior official from the water department, disclosed that a mere two-hour daily supply of drinking water is currently available in the area.

In the Chandpol area of Udaipur, residents continue to face challenges with irregular water supply, highlighting a perceived failure of the Smart City initiative to address the issue. Frustrations are mounting as the situation persists for over 15 days without resolution. Consequently, residents are resorting to purifying water manually using alum due to the lack of access to clean water.

Source: Rajasthan Patrika


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