Early morning attempt to rob BOB ATM

Early morning attempt to rob BOB ATM

Attempt to rob the ATM fails.

Early morning attempt to rob BOB ATM

It was 3 a.m. when some miscreants tried to rob the ATM of Bank of Baroda at Badgaon. The robbers made 3 attempts to break the ATM within 10 minutes but failed and this saved all the cash. The incident occurred on early morning of Sunday.

The CCTV footage shows that some miscreants dressed in winter jackets with their faces completely masked are trying to break open the ATM machine. In the first attempt they opened the lid of the chamber with an iron rod, but they could not open the chamber door. They tried their level best, went in and out of the ATM room but could not succeed. The third attempt to break open the chamber also failed. This forced them to return empty-handed.

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The information of robbery attempt reached Hyderabad office through the sensors. The officers in Hyderabad informed Udaipur police control room. Udaipur police reached the ATM and after checking the ATM informed the bank officers.

The residents of Badgaon said that there have been many thefts in their area. Attempts to rob the ATM are a common incident. The residents got aggressive that no action is being taken in this direction. The police chowki at Badgaon has merely 2 staff whereas it is supposed to have a staff of 8. Though Ambamata police is on night-watch, yet this is not enough. It has not yet been made clear as to how much amount was there in the ATM since no report was registered by the bank till the time this news was received.

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