Educating 3858 state schools children, including Udaipur, on recognizing and preventing good and bad touch

Educating 3858 state schools children, including Udaipur, on recognizing and preventing good and bad touch

Safe School and Safe Rajasthan Campaign

Good and Bad Touch

Starting on August 26 2023, the education department will initiate a campaign addressing the concepts of appropriate touch and inappropriate touch across 3858 government schools in the state, including Udaipur. The goal is to equip children with the ability to protect themselves by recognizing different types of physical contact. This initiative has been named the "Safe School and Safe Rajasthan Campaign." To oversee the progress of the campaign, the department has assigned one officer to each of the 50 districts. These officers will be present in their respective districts from August 22 and will compile a report after evaluating two schools on the 26 August.

The Government Secretary of the Department, Naveen Jain, has issued comprehensive guidelines for the entire project to all state schools. The preparations for implementing these guidelines have already commenced. Clear and precise directives have been communicated to all District Education Officers, emphasizing that any negligence will result in appropriate actions being taken in accordance with the established rules. For the Salumbar area within the Udaipur district, the responsibility has been assigned to Dr. Kavita Pathak, the Director of RSCERT, and Shivji Gaur, the Additional Director. The primary objective is to safeguard children from distressing experiences.

DSP Chetna Bhati emphasizes the importance of educating children about the concepts of good touch and bad touch, applauding the education department's remarkable initiative. However, she underscores that the fundamental survival strategies consist of three principles. The first involves raising an alarm through shouting, the second is to quickly flee from the situation, and the third is to confide in a trustworthy individual. When confronted with such circumstances, it's crucial to make a loud noise, which can intimidate the perpetrator. In case this isn't feasible, it's advisable to immediately leave the vicinity. Subsequently, informing parents or contacting the police is essential. This action not only seeks justice but also prevents others from falling victim to the same individual.

This is good touch

  • Loving gestures from parents that include gentle touches.
  • Physical contact from family members directed towards the young child.
  • Physical touch during medical treatment administered by a doctor.
  • Contact occurring while receiving recognition or praise from teachers.

Consider this as a bad touch

  • Contact initiated by an unfamiliar individual with any body part.
  • Improper physical contact instigated by an individual.
  • Engaging in touch in a manner that is uncomfortable for someone.
  • Making explicit or embarrassing comments that are obscene in nature.

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