Efforts Underway to Alleviate Traffic Congestion at Durga Nursery Road

Efforts Underway to Alleviate Traffic Congestion at Durga Nursery Road

Traffic congestion at the Durga Nursery intersection...

Lakecity Mall

Efforts have been initiated to address the persistent issue of traffic congestion at the Durga Nursery intersection in the city. The proposed solution involves widening the intersection by acquiring land from Sukhadiya Park and TRI. 

Approximately 10 to 15 feet of land from Sukhadiya Park and 10 feet from TRI will be acquired to construct additional roads. The road leading from Lakecity Mall to the upcoming intersection is slated for expansion. To facilitate this, an acquisition of approximately 15 feet of land from Sukhadiya Park is planned. Subsequently, a road will be developed on this acquired land, providing a distinct route for individuals heading towards Durga Nursery Road. The Municipal officials have already designated the specific area within Sukhadiya Park for this purpose by marking it accordingly. 

City MLA Tarachand Jain, accompanied by Municipal officials, recently inspected the site and discussed plans to widen the intersection. Jain emphasized the importance of collaboration between various departments, including the Municipal Corporation, Electricity Board, and Public Works Department, to address the traffic concerns effectively.

Near Lakecity Mall, two shops are under scrutiny to ensure there are no encroachments hindering the road-widening efforts. Furthermore, plans include removing trees and shifting existing pillars along the roadside. The relocation of a nearby traffic signal is also under consideration to optimize traffic flow. 

The initiative also entails addressing obstacles along the main road, such as a small temple at the turn from Durga Nursery Road towards Ashok Nagar. Suggestions have been made to relocate the temple to facilitate smoother traffic flow without interruptions. 

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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