Six Eklavya Model Residential Schools to open in Udaipur District

Six Eklavya Model Residential Schools to open in Udaipur District

A total 11 Eklavya Model Residential Schools will be launched statewide

Eklavya Model Residential School in Udaipur

The entire cost of the hostel will be borne by the Central government

The central government plans to inaugurate 540 Eklavya Model Residential Schools for the first time in the country. These schools aim to provide essential resources and support to the tribal society. A total of 240 boys and 240 girls will be granted admission to the Residential School. The campus will encompass one school building, two playgrounds, and two hostels. Construction has commenced on most of these schools, and a total of 11 residential schools are set to be established in the state. Among these, Udaipur will host a maximum of 6 schools. During his visit to Rajasthan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi virtually inaugurated 2 of these schools from Sikar.

In Udaipur district, specifically in Jhadol, Kherwara, Dhariawad, and Salumbar, a budget of Rs 42 Crores has been allocated for the establishment of residential schools. Additionally, there is an ongoing construction of 1 residential school in Pratapgarh, and 2 more schools each in Dungarpur and Banswara divisions. 

Moving forward, all these schools will operate on the Navodaya pattern, which includes providing comprehensive facilities for both academic studies and student accommodation within the campus. However, there is a distinct feature setting the Eklavya Model Residential Schools apart from Navodaya schools. In Navodaya schools, students from any background can seek admission after successfully passing the entrance test. In contrast, Eklavya Residential Schools will exclusively admit children belonging to the tribal society. This step is taken to focus on the educational upliftment and empowerment of tribal communities in these regions.

The school will have separate grounds and hostels for boys and girls, while the educational facility itself will be shared. The entire cost of the hostel will be borne by the central government. The selection of teachers for the school will be based on an examination, and these teachers may receive postings in any state across the country. Consequently, a teacher might be assigned to work in another state. This pattern is already being followed in Navodaya and Kendriya Vidyalaya schools. Initially, 10,000 teachers will be recruited in the first phase, and subsequent recruitment will be carried out in the second phase as well. 

The establishment of 540 Eklavya Model Residential Schools by the central government marks a significant step towards addressing the educational needs and challenges faced by the tribal society in the country. These schools have the potential to bring about a transformative impact on the lives of tribal children by providing them with essential resources, support, and quality education. By focusing on residential facilities, these institutions can create a conducive learning environment that promotes holistic development and preserves the unique cultural identities of the tribal communities.


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