Transport Department's E-DL and E-RC Implementation Faces Hurdles

Transport Department's E-DL and E-RC Implementation Faces Hurdles

Election Impact and System Glitches...

e license and e-rc

Udaipur Transport Department: The implementation of electronic driving license (E-DL) and vehicle registration certificates (E-RC) by the Transport Department, starting from April 1, 2024, has encountered significant challenges. This transition has resulted in a noticeable slowdown in license issuance, particularly in Udaipur.

Sluggish Implementation

Until March, Udaipur saw a steady issuance of over 1800 licenses per month. However, in April, this number drastically dropped to only 939. This decline is primarily attributed to frequent closures of the online platform due to software updates.

Election Impact and System Glitches

Officials initially attributed the decline in license applications to reduced public interest during the April elections. However, investigations revealed that the new system experienced regular closures, with the online site inaccessible for 10 out of 30 days in the previous month.

Self-Service Machines

To streamline services, the department installed E-Mitra self-service machines in its offices. These machines allow applicants to access all relevant information by entering their license number. Additionally, applicants can print their license directly from these machines.

Complaints and Challenges

Despite efforts to enhance accessibility, there are complaints regarding the self-service machines. Many users report frequent closures of these machines, hampering their ability to utilize the services effectively.

While the Transport Department's shift towards E-DL and E-RC aims to modernize processes, challenges such as system downtime and machine closures underscore the need for further improvements in the implementation process.

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