Udaipur: Officials Unite to Free Ayad River of Encroachments

Udaipur: Officials Unite to Free Ayad River of Encroachments

Ongoing beautification efforts of Ayad river

Ayad River Beautification

On May 15, 2024, MLA Tarachand Jain and District Collector Arvind Poswal teamed up to discuss the Ayad River's makeover and encroachment removal at the collectorate. They were joined by officials from UDA and UMC to brainstorm ways to revitalize the river.

Action Against Encroachments

Expressing urgency, MLA Jain emphasized the necessity of initiating measures to eliminate encroachments along the Ayad River. Notably, the UDA has already marked encroachments, with some structures previously demolished. However, substantial encroachments persist on both banks of the river, necessitating immediate action.

During the meeting, a comprehensive review of ongoing beautification efforts was conducted. Stressing the importance of completing the work before the onset of the rainy season, MLA Jain cautioned against delays that could compromise the project's integrity. Officials of the Smart City were reminded to uphold standards, with assurances that any lapses in quality would warrant appropriate action.

Encroachment Removal Campaign

With 20 encroachments identified along the Ayad River, plans are underway to launch a dedicated campaign for their removal. The goal is to bring back the riverbanks to their original state.

Fencing Initiative

In a bid to safeguard the riverbanks, fencing projects on both sides of the Ayad River will commence, with a budget allocation of Rs 5 crore. District Collector Arvind Poswal had previously approved partial funding of Rs 5 crore for this purpose.

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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