Enjoy the galloping ride at Fatehsagar and Rani Road on Tangas

Go galloping in the tangas and recall the old Udaipur memories. Read on ...

Enjoy the galloping ride at Fatehsagar and Rani Road on Tangas

Environment conservation awareness began with a good start of e-rickshaws and cycling in Udaipur city. Now that we have news of public cycle sharing system, there is more to add to the list in the area of environment conservation.

Our very old fun galloping rides Tangas (horse carts) are going to grace the length of Fatehsagar and Rani Road areas pretty soon. Administration has plans of running 7 tangas to begin with. In a meeting of Municipal Corporation, it was decided that Devali end to Rani Road will have 3 tangas running, 2 from Mahakal Temple end to Devali and 2 tangas from Swaroop Sagar to Moti Magri. Those who have had the experience of being in a tanga in their childhood days can recall the memories of fun while the cart went galloping with that beautiful sound that kept buzzing in ears like tuk-tok or clip-clop.

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It has also been decided that tanga operators will be charged rupees 2000 as license fees per annum. It will be a real fun ride if the tangas start operating again. Also the old professional tanga operators who used to earn in this way once again have their additional source of employment. Old memories of Udaipurites are going to become real fresh and hoping that people will be able to enjoy the fresh air… the air that Udaipur had years ago. The old time transport is much awaited.

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