Efforts to promote environment protection and eco-tourism

Efforts to promote environment protection and eco-tourism

District Collector Arvind Poswal visited forest parks located in the vicinity of Udaipur

Efforts to promote eco-tourism

Administrative preparations aimed at environmental protection and the promotion of eco-tourism within the city of Udaipur have been initiated. As a crucial step in this initiative, District Collector Arvind Poswal recently undertook an inspection of the forest parks located in the vicinity of Udaipur. The purpose of this visit was to assess the progress of ongoing preparations and provide essential guidance and instructions to the officials of the forest department. During his visit, Collector Poswal meticulously examined the condition of the forest parks and evaluated the measures being taken to preserve their natural beauty and ecological significance. He also interacted with the forest department officials responsible for the execution of these conservation efforts.

District Collector Arvind Poswal, accompanied by officials from the Forest Department, conducted a visit to Mahatma Gandhi Nagar Forest Park on Wednesday 20 September, 2023. This park is situated at Chirwa Ghat area near Udaipur city. The primary purpose of this visit was to closely monitor and assess the ongoing efforts pertaining to environmental conservation and the development of eco-tourism within the region.

During his visit, Collector Poswal collected valuable information concerning the environmental significance of the area and the activities currently in progress. Assistant Forest Conservator Ajay Chittauda has informed that adventure activities are currently being conducted through the Forest Protection Committee. Zip lines have been operational since 2018, and there are plans in progress to introduce additional activities, such as scenic cycling.

The Collector also paid a visit to the Mewar Biodiversity Park in Amberi. During his visit, he observed the ongoing development of the butterfly zone and received information from officials regarding the need to remove Lantana plants and install swings for children in the park. Subsequently, the District Collector proceeded to visit the Talab in the Purohito Ki Talab area, where he gathered valuable information about the lake and its environmental significance in the surrounding area.

In a recent development, the District Collector conducted an inspection of Luv Kush Vatika, which was developed as per the state government's budget announcement, located in Machhla Magra. During the visit, officials provided comprehensive details about the newly constructed Laxman Jhula, adventure activity zones designed for children, and the network of trekking paths within the park.

During the inspection, the District Collector expressed appreciation for the well-developed and preserved areas under the care of the forest department. He emphasized that the natural environment and lakes are the unique features of Udaipur and stressed the importance of collective efforts to conserve the environment and promote eco-tourism. Assistant Forest Conservator Sugnaram Jat, along with other department officials, accompanied the Collector during the visit. 

UT NOTE: District Collector Arvind Poswal's presence and involvement underscore the commitment of the local administration to prioritize environmental protection and sustainable tourism in the region. This comprehensive approach aligns with the broader goal of preserving the natural treasures of Udaipur while creating opportunities for eco-conscious tourism, ultimately benefiting both the environment and the local economy.

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