Expensive flowers?? Blame it on the elections

Expensive flowers?? Blame it on the elections

Flower rates have gone up due to elections.

Expensive flowers?? Blame it on the elections

Flowers are one way through which people express both love and devotion. But the flower rates have suddenly gone unaffordable. The election season is being blamed for this. Reportedly, the graph of flower rates is seeing too much of ‘ups’ rather than ‘downs’. When the flower vendors were contacted, they said that this election season the demand for flowers and garlands has gone high and this is the main reason behind the high rates. There is a lot of demand of flowers for the road shows and for welcoming the political party leaders.

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Udaipur gets its flower supply from Ajmer, Gulabbadi, Kota, Indore, Ratlam, Jaipur etc. Because of elections, the rates have gone up by 5 rupees per kilo as flower petals are also too much in demand. As per one of the vendors, the weight of each flower garland goes anywhere between 11 to 51 kilos. Special orders are placed for such garlands. As per demand, the garlands are priced between 1100 rupees to 5100 rupees. If flowers that are not native to India are used in a garland, the price goes even higher.

As per information given by vendors, the flower rates per kg. are:

Chrysanthemum /Guldaudi 30 to 40 rupees/kg

Marigold/Genda 30 to 40 rupees/kg

Rose 80 to 100 rupees/kg

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