Facelift-Udaipur city railway station looks attractive

Facelift-Udaipur city railway station looks attractive 

The renovated railway station is drawing more attention.
Facelift-Udaipur city railway station looks attractive

Heritage look of Udaipur 's railway station makes the cameras happy.

Molela art and the various historical structures are quite eye-catching.

Udaipur city railway station looks amazingly attractive after the facelift. It is drawing in crowds who are not just travellers but also other people who are loving the new heritage look of the railway station. Camera lenses are happy to capture the beautiful city station.

Platform number 1 has 3 heritage gates which depict the Mewari art and culture. The look of these gates is mesmerising and tourists are getting attracted by the display. A covered pathway has also been constructed for the people who walk towards the gate. People can now walk through the pathway very comfortably during monsoons and extrmeley hot days. 

Waterfalls are being created on the rocks on platform no.1 near the escalator which will give a good heritage look. All the gates, waterfalls and the covered pathways have been given a good lighting arrangement which looks extremely beautiful. 

The facelift has attracted a budget of around 8 crore rupees. A new parking zone, wall and facilities have also been developed at the railway station. All the walls throw a good light on Mewar's art and culture. The molela art has been attracting the public ever since it was done, though the pathway has slightly blocked the look of the art now. Eklingji, Srinathji, Maharana Pratap, Meera Bai, Radha Krishna etc are adorning the molela art walls.

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