Farmer in Udaipur shocked over Rs 3,71,61,507 Electricty Bill from AVVNL

Farmer in Udaipur shocked over Rs 3,71,61,507 Electricty Bill from AVVNL

The AEN at Salumber said that it was computer error which was rectified. However, the bill was automated and dispatched to the end consumer. Even the SMS to the end consumer mentioned the wrong amount
Farmer in Udaipur shocked over Rs 3,71,61,507 Electricty Bill from AVVNL

Error in billing software is the common excuse

A software error in the AVVNL office at Salumber shocked the recipient of the electricity bill at Dindla village in Salumber, near Udaipur.

The recipient, Pema Ram, a farmer by profession, received an electricity bill of a whooping Rs 3,71,61,507, the last payment date of which was 3 September 2020. The late payment penalty on the bill was Rs. 7,16,161.47.

Pema Ram owns a shop in Gingla village in Salumber, which he has let out to for motor cycle repair works. The tenant took the bill to Pena Ram and Pena Ram asked him to refer the bill to e-mitra.

The amount in the bill caused a furor in the village as the amount was not just high, but exorbitant. Pema Ram, in his conversation with UdaipurTimes said that he was expecting this month’s bill to be of a higher amount due to the increase in tariff, but that it would be so high was unimaginable.

Correction in the Bill

As per Pema Ram, the bill was taken to the e-Mitra office in his village and there it was discovered that the actual bill amount was Rs 6,414. However, as per the AEN at AVVNL Salumber, the bill generation was due to an error in the software and it was rectified on 2 September, a day before the last date.

Pema Ram had also received the same Rs 3,71,61,507 as outstanding AVVNL bill in his registered mobile number.

What is the increased tariff

Earlier this year, towards the start of the COVID lockdown, the Rajasthan government had raised the tariff by 11%, which had caused distress among the middle class. The major increase in tariff will affect the general domestic category, non-domestic category and agriculture category, but the tariff hike for farmers will be borne by the state government.

The maximum cost per unit has been risen to Rs 7.95, with Re. 0.95 being the maximum hike per unit. Fixed monthly charge has risen by Rs 115.

For residential units: Upto 50 units will be charged at Rs 4.75; 51-150 units will be charged at Rs 6.50 (up from Rs 6.10); 151-300 units will be charged Rs 7.35 (up from 6.40); 301-500 at Rs 7.65 (up from Rs 6.70) and for beyond 500 units, one has to pay Rs 7.95 per unit.

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