Farmers go Solar for field electricity

Farmers go Solar for field electricity

They will be able to sell it also

Rampura Agucha Solar plant

In the state, farmers now have the opportunity to sell electricity to companies while utilizing solar power to operate motors. This initiative is spearheaded by Ajmer Vidyut Vitran Nigam, which has introduced the necessary regulations to facilitate this innovative approach. As part of the Pilot Project, solar plants with varying capacities, including 3, 5, and 7.5 kilowatts, were installed in the Semari area of the district approximately one year ago. These solar installations have undergone successful testing, marking a significant step towards a sustainable energy future for the region.

The cost of these solar plants varies, ranging from 6 lakh to approximately 12 lakh rupees, making them accessible to a broad spectrum of farmers. A remarkable feature of these plants is their efficiency, with a 1-kilowatt solar plant capable of generating approximately 4 to 5 units of electricity within a single day, spanning roughly 10 hours of operation. This initiative not only empowers farmers with cleaner energy sources but also opens up new avenues for income generation through electricity sales to companies, fostering a greener and economically sustainable future.

Based on this calculation, a 3-kilowatt plant is projected to produce approximately 15 units of electricity over the course of a day. This newfound source of electricity empowers farmers to efficiently irrigate their fields and, should there be any surplus power, contribute it to the grid. This additional revenue stream not only benefits the farmers but also aids the government in mitigating electricity shortages.

Under this scheme, farmers will be expected to contribute 10% of the total installation cost, while the government will generously cover the remaining 90% of expenses. Prior to this initiative, the district had witnessed the installation of solar plants under the Kusham scheme, marking a progressive step towards sustainable and accessible energy solutions.

SE Girish Joshi revealed that, for the first time in the region, these plants were installed in fields as part of a pilot project, conducted within the budget of T&D, serving as a case study. This project has achieved success, paving the way for the installation of similar solar plants with this innovative technology across the entire state.

Within these newly planned installations, inverters will play a pivotal role. They will enable motors to operate using electricity from the grid and allow any surplus electricity generated by the solar plant to be fed back into the grid. This groundbreaking technology has been implemented in a manner that significantly reduces overall electricity consumption. T&D has diligently compiled a comprehensive report on this project, which has been promptly submitted to the government for review and consideration.


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