Fateh Sagar boat operators charging high rates amid tourism surge in Udaipur

Fateh Sagar boat operators charging high rates amid tourism surge in Udaipur

Absence of proper ticketing for boating and lack of safety measures... 

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The surge in tourism in Udaipur has brought about a concerning issue at Fateh Sagar, where boat operators are engaging in blatant exploitation under the guise of boating. Tourists arriving for boating are encountering a situation where they are neither getting tickets nor charged according to the operators stipulated terms. This issue came to a head on Tuesday, November 14, 2023 when some tourists raised their concerns, prompting local residents to alert officials from the Udaipur Development Authority (UDA). In response, a team from UDA promptly arrived at the location. However, despite their presence, no concrete actions were taken to address the situation.

Tourists are being charged three to four times the specified fee, and despite ongoing complaints from them, neither the Tourism Department nor the Udaipur Development Authority (UDA) has taken any action. At present, there are three contracts under the purview of the Udaipur Development Authority (UDA) at Fateh Sagar. Among these, one is currently closed, while the other two are in operation. Specifically, one operates in front of the Moti Magri Gate, while the other is situated facing Bombay Food Market.

The contract near Moti Magri Gate is subject to the court order, allowing it to continue its operations. On the other hand, the UDA has granted the contract for the second location. Unfortunately, both contractors have faced accusations of excessive exploitation, particularly concerning boating fees, during the ongoing tourist season.

According to a Gujarati tourist, the charges for boating at this location are excessively high per person. Consequently, many tourists choose to forego the boating experience due to the exorbitant fees. In contrast, other tourist destinations, whether within the city or at hill stations, do not impose such steep charges. In various places, an entire family can enjoy boating for a reasonable sum ranging from Rs 300-500. However, here, individuals are being subjected to significantly higher costs. Adding to the concerns, the absence of proper ticketing for boating is noticeable, and the safety measures in place appear to be inadequate.

 Rent of Boats

  • Motor Boat 5 to 1 seater (2 Boats) - operate for 20 minutes for Rs 75/- per person.
  • Motor Boat 20-30 seater (2 Boats) - operate for 20 minutes for Rs 40/- per person. 

The contractor is currently operating these boats. From 2 years, speed boats and normal boats charges were Rs 260/- per person and after objections, normal boats charge changed from Rs 48/- to Rs 89/- per person. 

  • Speed boat with boat operator (5 person) - 2 boats - Rs 200/-

This 5 seater speed boat is not available by contractor despite they are charging Rs 260/- from per person

  • Speed boat for 8 persons with operator - 2 boats - Rs 150/- per person.

This boat is available by contractor. Rs 260/- was taken instead for Rs 150/- and despite objections the price is still high totalling to Rs 236/- per person despite the real price of Rs 177/- per person. 

The situation highlights the need for proper regulation and oversight to ensure that tourists are not subjected to unfair practices and exploitation while enjoying popular attractions like boating at Fateh Sagar in Udaipur.

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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