Fateh Sagar is set for revamped cleaning system

Fateh Sagar is set for revamped cleaning system

Fast-food market shopkeepers at the lake were also instructed to promote proper disposal

Fateh Sagar Lake Udaipur, Udaipur destinations
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The administration has undertaken a unique initiative to clean Fateh Sagar Lake and its environs. On Friday, October 20, 2023, Regional Commissioner Rajendra Bhatt, accompanied by District Collector Arvind Kumar Poswal, led a delegation that included representatives from the UIT and the Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam), on an inspection of the Fateh Sagar Lake precinct. During this inspection, the officials engaged with the local residents and visiting tourists, actively seeking their input and feedback. The interactive session served as a valuable opportunity for the administration to gain insights into the concerns and expectations of the public regarding the Fatehsagar Lake restoration project.

Regional Commissioner Rajendra Bhatt has issued a directive, requesting the formulation and submission of a ‘Standard of Procedure’ (SOP) for cleanliness by Tuesday, October 24, 2023. This SOP is expected to detail the specific square meter areas to which each sanitation worker will be assigned. Furthermore, it should include their contact information, specifically mobile numbers, to enable residents and tourists to express their appreciation through calls when they observe exceptional cleanliness standards. The aim of this initiative is to uplift the spirits and motivation of the sanitation workers.

Additionally they undertook an inspection from Kala Kevad to the Fish Aquarium, issuing instructions for the lake's cleaning. Furthermore, the officials conducted an examination of a fast-food kitchen located in the Bombay market. During the inspection, they inquired about the fire safety measures in place, to which the shop's operator confirmed the presence of a fire-fighting system. Shopkeepers in the Bombay Market have received directives to explicitly instruct their customers to dispose of used glasses, plates, kulhads, and similar items in designated bins after they have finished eating or drinking. Moreover, a routine cleaning schedule has been established for the area in front of the market, with cleaning operations taking place from 6:00 AM until 9:00 PM. Additionally, there is an ongoing effort to devise a plan that aims to standardize and enhance the overall appearance and functioning of the market.

Upon observing the inactive fountain situated in front of the Taya Palace, the Regional Commissioner and the Collector have issued directives to the Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) to establish an activity zone. This area regularly hosts a range of events, with a particular emphasis on weekends, providing a platform for young artists to exhibit their talents.

Following complaints of water overflow near Fateh Sagar Lake, the Regional Commissioner and the Collector conducted an on-site assessment and issued directives to the Municipal Corporation and UIT to promptly address the issue. In response to these concerns, the Regional Commissioner and the Collector instructed both agencies to take immediate action, including the provision of separate facilities for men and women at both ends of the lake, and ensuring regular cleaning and maintenance. To ensure the proper upkeep and functioning of these facilities, a weekly inspection of the lake will be conducted every Friday.


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