Fatehpura: Bottleneck demolition resumes to alleviate traffic jams

Fatehpura: Bottleneck demolition resumes to alleviate traffic jams

UDA team razed six razed six rooms of a building...


After a hiatus of 56 days, the demolition of bottlenecks at the Fatehpura intersection, when approaching from R.K.Circle, has recommenced. On Wednesday, November 22, 2023 morning at 9:30 AM, a team from the Udaipur Development Authority (UDA) arrived and initiated the process of demolishing houses and shops. As the day progressed, the team efficiently razed six rooms of the building simultaneously. However, one room still stands, awaiting its turn for demolition. The significant development aims to alleviate traffic concerns and enhance the overall infrastructure in the area.

The intersection witnesses a daily traffic flow of 66,415 PCUs (Passenger Car Units), which translates to lakhs of people travelling on this road on a daily basis. With the bottleneck opening, the road is set to expand to a width of 100 feet, offering the city respite from traffic congestion.

It is noteworthy that vehicles from various cities, including Nathdwara-Jaipur, Mount Abu, Jodhpur, Ranakpur, Ajmer, and more, traverse through this intersection. This improvement in infrastructure is anticipated to significantly enhance the traffic situation in the region.

On Wednesday, around 30 dumpers and 10 tractor-trolleys were deployed to clear debris during the operation. It has been reported that one room was spared from demolition as the tenant, a woman, was not present. Administrative officials have mentioned that the woman has left for some reason. Once she returns, the demolition of this room will also take place.

Following this, the entire intersection will be accessible. Notably, on September 26,2023, UIT initiated the demolition of the bottleneck intersection under the guidance of District Collector Arvind Kumar Poswal. During that phase, attempts were made to expand the intersection by demolishing three rooms. However, the operation was later halted due to objections raised by tenant shopkeepers.

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