Udaipur: Fines will be imposed on individuals and shopkeepers for throwing garbage in open

Udaipur: Fines will be imposed on individuals and shopkeepers for throwing garbage in open 

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The Municipal Corporation of Udaipur is actively undertaking preparations to enhance its ranking in the upcoming cleanliness survey of 2023. The corporation has taken on the responsibility of implementing a range of stringent measures to reinforce the cleanliness system within the city. A key focus is addressing the issue of open garbage disposal, and strict actions will be taken against individuals found littering in public areas. To deter such behavior, direct challans (penalty tickets) will be issued to offenders. Moreover, if any institution or establishment is found guilty of improper waste disposal, the corporation reserves the right to revoke their license. 

On Thursday morning, a significant meeting took place at the corporation auditorium, organized by the Health Branch, specifically addressing the upcoming cleanliness survey in 2023. The meeting was attended by Commissioner Vasudev Malavat, Deputy Mayor and President of the Health Committee Paras Singhvi, as well as Veniram Salvi. The primary objective of the meeting was to brainstorm ideas and strategies to ensure a clean and healthy city. One of the key focal points discussed during the meeting was prioritizing the city's aesthetic appeal. To achieve this goal, all personnel were strictly prohibited from engaging in activities that could undermine the city's cleanliness and beauty. 

Deputy Mayor and Singhvi emphasized a strict stance on employee negligence, highlighting the significance of repainting dividers and addressing plant cuttings in the central areas. Commissioner Malavat underscored the importance of evaluating the punctuality of garbage vehicle arrivals in all regions before conducting the survey. Stressing the proper disposal practices, it was reiterated that garbage collection should transpire promptly at all stations. Additionally, the collection of daily feedback was deemed crucial. Moreover, Malavat proposed the implementation of anti-littering slogans in areas outside of designated tourist spots.

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