Fires Ravage Hills at Two Places in Udaipur

Fires Ravage Hills at Two Places in Udaipur 

Brave efforts employed to quench flames...

Hills Caught Fire
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Incidents of fires on the hills near city have surged with the advent of summer. On Tuesday, March 12, 2024, two separate fires ignited hillsides, posing a grave threat to the surrounding areas.

In the morning, flames engulfed the Thoor area along Rani Road, escalating swiftly as winds fanned the blaze. Forest ranger Dharmendra Saxena recounted that upon receiving the fire report, department personnel swiftly mobilized to combat the fire with the help of green leaves.

By evening, commendable progress was made in containing a significant portion of the fire, a testament to the tireless efforts of the firefighting team.

Later in the day, another fire erupted on Peacock Hill within the city limits, prompting residents to alert the Ashok Nagar Fire Station. However, due to the challenging terrain, a team dispatched from the Meera Kala Temple Fire Station faced difficulty reaching the scene.

Undeterred, firefighters, including Driver Sukhlal, Homeguard Prakash Menaria, and their colleagues, embarked on foot to combat the blaze. Through resourcefulness and determination, they successfully brought the fire under control averting a potential disaster.

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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