Firing at a hotelier's residence

Firing at a hotelier's residence

Quite surprisingly, the family did not realise that their house was being targetted.
Firing at a hotelier's residence

-The family says that they do not have any disputes with anyone that could result in animosity.

-No casualties have been reported as the targetted room was vacant.

A hotelier’s house was fired at on Saturday night. Fortunately everyone is safe as the targetted room was empty. As informed, unidentified miscreants fired at one of a well known hotelier’s residence. The evidences have been picked up from the site and police is now investigating the case.

The hotelier Vinay Bhandari informed that he returned home on Saturday night after visiting a hospital with his family. He signalled the guard to open the gates by honking the horn. Meanwhile he spotted a bike standing at the right side near the house. Since it was dark, he could not see the face of the people there.

At this very instant, a gunshot was heard. By the time the security guard took note of this and tried to check the person firing at the house, the miscreant had disappeared. The family did not realise that their house was actually the target. When they got up the next morning, they found the window pane shattered and an empty bullet shell was lying there on the floor. It was then that they informed the police about the incident.

The family has denied that they have any dispute with anyone that could arise animosity and are shocked at the incident. Police has taken the CCTV footages and are investigating the case from every possible angle. The fired shot was probably from a local pistol. 

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