"India's First AI Podcast 'Creativity Dot AI' Launches, Featuring the Cloned Voice of DA Sachin Sharma"

"India's First AI Podcast 'Creativity Dot AI' Launches, Featuring the Cloned Voice of DA Sachin Sharma"

DA Sachin Sharma, making it a first-of-its-kind initiative in the country

DA Sachin Sharma first AI Podcast

The future of podcasting has arrived in India with the launch of 'Creativity Dot AI', a trailblazing new podcast series that delves into the world of artificial intelligence (AI). The ground-breaking aspect of this venture lies in the fact that it is entirely recorded using the AI-cloned voice of its host, DA Sachin Sharma, making it a first-of-its-kind initiative in the country.

'Creativity Dot AI' is a daring exploration of the intersection of creativity and AI, presented in the unique voice of Sachin Sharma, a renowned Digital Artist and AI enthusiast. Yet, the twist is that it is Sachin's AI-generated voice clone that brings each episode to life. This pioneering approach adds an extra layer of intrigue and authenticity to the podcast, reflecting its core theme of AI's potential and its impact on creativity.

 As the first podcast in India to use an AI voice clone, 'Creativity Dot AI' showcases the power of AI voice cloning technology, while also prompting critical conversations about its implications. It demonstrates how such technology can revolutionize content creation, while also raising important questions about authenticity, creativity, and ethics in the digital age.

In the initial episodes, the podcast covers a wide range of topics, from AI voice cloning and its potential impact on voiceover artists to the launch of Google's AI-powered search assistant, Bard. Each episode is an engaging exploration of the latest AI advancements, their potential uses, and the ethical considerations they raise

Here's what we've got for you so far:

Episode 1: "Unleashing Creativity with AI 

An exploration into the potent role of AI in amplifying human creativity and transforming the creative sector.

Episode 2: AI Voice Cloning: A Game-Changer or Threat to the Creative Industry?

Featuring Khushboo Sharma, a popular YouTuber, we dive into the exhilarating yet daunting realm of AI voice cloning, its possible repercussions on VO artists, and the ethical challenges it presents.

Episode 3: Google I/O 2023: Meet Bard, The Search Assistant That's Changing The Game!

 'Creativity Dot AI' is more than just a podcast – it is a pioneering platform that brings the future of AI to the present, sparking discussions, fostering learning, and inspiring listeners to consider the boundless possibilities of AI. This unique podcast is now available on all major podcast platforms.

About DA Sachin Sharma

Sachin Sharma is a renowned Digital Artist and AI enthusiast based in India. He is the founder of 'Creativity Dot AI', India's first AI-focused podcast recorded using his AI-generated voice clone. With a keen interest in the transformative potential of AI, Sachin is dedicated to exploring how this technology can revolutionize creativity and content creation.


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