Fish deaths raise concerns at Fateh Sagar Lake again

Fish deaths raise concerns at Fateh Sagar Lake again

Pollution and water weeds suspected

FIsh Mortality
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Fateh Sagar Lake, known for its scenic beauty, was marred by a grim sight on Tuesday, 8 August, 2023, as hundreds of lifeless fish were discovered floating near the Rani Road side of the lake. The incident has reignited concerns over the lake's environmental health. Measuring between 3 to 4 inches in length, the dead fish have prompted lake enthusiasts to voice their distress, alleging that the demise of these aquatic creatures is a result of the increasing filth and proliferating weed growth within the waterbody. In response to the alarming incident, Astha Sharma, a Scientific Officer associated with the Pollution Control Board, promptly visited the site to assess the situation. Sharma took water samples from the lake, intending to analyze them for potential pollutants. However, the results of these tests are anticipated to be unveiled only next week.

The fate of the aquatic ecosystem in Fateh Sagar Lake hangs in the balance as the community eagerly awaits the Pollution Control Board's report. Concerns over the lake's deteriorating condition highlight the pressing need for comprehensive measures to address pollution and maintain the health of this natural treasure.

On June 25, 2023, a sudden occurrence took place at Fateh Sagar Lake where one lakh fish were discovered dead. Following an investigation, it was determined that the lake's water quality was in fact pristine. The cause of this phenomenon was attributed to the fish being transported from Kapasan and subsequently struggling to adapt to the conditions of Fateh Sagar Lake. Contrastingly, UIT asserted that the lake had undergone thorough cleaning. Engineer Nirmal Suthar confirmed the completion of the cleanup in the affected lake areas. The exact cause behind the fish mortality is anticipated to be disclosed by the Fisheries Department. 

Dharmesh Sodani, the Deputy Director of the Fisheries Department, expressed unawareness of the situation and mentioned that the cause behind the incident would be revealed subsequent to discussions with the contractor. Tej Shankar, an ardent lake enthusiast, raised an allegation that the fish had already perished prior to entering the sewer hole. Notably, the Gandha Nallah, situated near the Mastan Baba Colony, converges with the lake. An aquatic weed present within the lake possesses the tendency to consume oxygen from the water during nighttime hours. The demise of the fish population is attributed to the lake's diminished oxygen levels.  

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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