Alarming fish mortality crisis strikes Fateh Sagar

Alarming fish mortality crisis strikes Fateh Sagar 

City's water supply under threat

Fish Mortality
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Fatehsagar Lake, the prominent lake in the city, is currently experiencing a gradual decline in water quality, leading to detrimental effects on the resident fish population. This distressing situation became evident on Saturday 24 June, 2023 morning when numerous deceased fish were discovered within the lake. Observing this distressing scene, Tejshankar Paliwal, an ardent lake enthusiast, promptly visited the site to assess the situation firsthand. Furthermore, the deteriorating water quality in Fatehsagar Lake is also posing a concern for the availability of safe drinking water in the area.

The water from Fateh Sagar lake serves as a drinking water supply for the residents of Udaipur. Unfortunately, the situation has taken a distressing turn as thousands of deceased fish are now floating in the very same water. The presence of these lifeless fish has resulted in a foul smell permeating the surroundings. 

Upon witnessing this alarming sight, Paliwal took immediate action and contacted Sonika Rathod, an officer from the Fisheries Department, to provide her with all the pertinent information regarding the situation. To address the issue, workers from the Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) are diligently removing the dead fish from Fateh Sagar lake. 

The recent fish mortality could be attributed to a possible lack of oxygen in the water. Recognizing this concern, Paliwal promptly contacted Sanjeev Sharma, the senior engineer of Udaipur City Development Trust, emphasizing the urgency of removing the dead fish to prevent the water from becoming toxic. Additionally, Paliwal also informed the District Collector about the situation, ensuring that appropriate authorities were aware of the issue and could take necessary action. Several factors could have contributed to this decline, including pollution, a lack of proper maintenance and conservation efforts. The dead fish are not only an ecological concern but also a potential threat to public health. 

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