Floating fountains with lights are set to illuminate Udaipur lakes soon

Floating fountains with lights are set to illuminate Udaipur lakes soon

The infrastructure is now in place to enhance oxygen levels in the lakes...

Floating Fountain

The installation of the new floating fountain in Rang Sagar, Swaroop Sagar and Kumhariya Talab has been completed at a cost of Rs 2.93 crore.The project involved comprehensive work, including the installation of pipes, cables, and machinery. It will soon be operational, featuring vibrant and colourful lights that will further enhance the aesthetic experience for visitors and locals alike. 

The infrastructure is now in place to enhance oxygen levels in the lakes, providing a positive impact on the aquatic environment, according to the Municipal Corporation,Udaipur. In the next phase, the floating fountain is poised to add a visually appealing aspect to the lakes.

Municipal officials have highlighted that, in response to repeated instances of cable and equipment theft, the entire project has now been handed over to a contractor. The floating fountains will be integrated into an irrigation system using GI pipes. This system will facilitate the infusion of oxygen into the lake through pipes, employing a compressor. The primary goal is to curtail the proliferation of aquatic weeds and algae in the water bodies.

In terms of ongoing management, the municipality has specified that the contracted company will bear the responsibility for maintaining this project for a duration of five years. This strategic approach aims to enhance security, technological efficiency, and long-term sustainability in the management of these vital water features.

During the initial phase, the municipal authorities plan to introduce floating fountains in Goverdhan Sagar Lake, Umaria Lake, and Rang Sagar Lake. These fountains will shoot water to a specific height before allowing it to cascade back into the lakes along with oxygen. 

In the past, the municipality invested Rs 42 lakh in the installation of three fountains located in Doodh Talai, Kumhariya Talab, and Rangsagar. Each fountain incurred an approximate cost of Rs 14 lakh. Unfortunately, issues arose with the installed fountains, leading to their discontinuation.

Doodhtalai fountain faced submersion in water, resulting in damage to its cable. Similarly, near Ambapol Pulia, the motor of the Rangsagar fountain burnt out. Additionally, the fountain in Kumhariya Talab suffered theft, with thieves making off with its cable and equipment.

As a consequence of these incidents, the Municipality decided to discontinue these fountains shortly after their installation. The challenges faced highlighted the need for a more secure and reliable approach in the current initiative to install new floating fountains in the region. 

Source: Rajasthan Patrika


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