Forest fire continues in the district

Forest fire continues in the district

4 including villagers and forest department employees received burns.
Forest fire continues in the district
Wild life is in great danger as the fire is spreading in the sanctuary in Jaisamand.

It has been the 3rd day and fire is continuously spreading in the hilly regions. Jaisamand sanctuary is also vastly affected by this forest fire and the wild life here is in danger. Controlling the fire has become quite a difficult task. 

350 hectares of forest in Jaisamand got burnt to ashes by Wednesday evening. There are around 35 villagers along with the teams of forest department who are constantly trying their level best to douse the fire, but in vain.  Davana, Jamdar and Panidara areas which cover an area of 350 hectares got completely burnt. The fire is spreading down the hill. One of the forest officers somehow managed to save his life by going under a rock as the fire spread because of dry weeds and leaves. 

4 others which include forest department employee and villagers received burns in this fire. It has been informed that reptiles and bamboo plantations have suffered a lot because of this extensively spreading fire. A herd of nilgai (bluebulls) was spotted running for life which is likely to cause disturbance to other wildlife. 

On Tuesday evening, Maniyol hills of Kevda region caught fire once again. There were ambers in the hills which caught fire again because of wind and it spread to 200 hectares. 2 fire brigade teams were engaged in dousing the fire but all that remained was ashes. More than 1000 hectares of area has been swallowed by fire and it is quite a huge loss. All forest department employees and villagers are doing their duties and trying to stop the fire. 

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