Fatehsagar-Swaroop Sagar link canal gate upgraded

Fatehsagar-Swaroop Sagar link canal gate upgraded

Previously, the gates were manually opened by turning a key by hand...

Fateh Sagar and Swaroop Sagar Canal Link Gate
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The 134-year-old gates of the Fateh Sagar-Swaroop Sagar Link Canal have been replaced, and new stairs have been constructed to access the platform above both gates. Following the completion of this project, the replacement of the four gates of Swarupsagar commenced on Friday 15 September, 2023. It is important to note that the lifting system of Swaroop Sagar will remain unchanged. Additionally, the technology used for opening the gates of the link canal has been updated; previously, the gate-opening system was installed below.

Previously, the gates were manually opened by turning a key by hand. However, a new system has been installed on the platform itself to facilitate the opening of these gates. This updated system incorporates both automatic (motor-driven) and manual (key-operated) mechanisms. While the gate will primarily be opened using the motorized system, the manual key mechanism serves as a backup in case of any faults or power failures. Notably, using the key system, it takes approximately 3 to 4 minutes to open the gate up to 1 inch. Now the task will be accomplish in just 30 seconds.

Earlier the gates came from England

The Water Resources Department has allocated Rs 60 lakh for the replacement of the gates on the link canal. These gates are undergoing replacement for the first time since their initial installation back in 1889. During the era of the Mewar State, the services of the foreign engineer Thomson were enlisted for the construction of Fatehsagar Lake, and he was the mastermind behind the design of these gates. Both gates were originally imported from England. 

The new gates have been custom-manufactured through a special order from the Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL). These steel gates are expected to have a lifespan of approximately 20 years. However, their longevity may vary depending on factors such as water quality and flow rate.

Swaroop Sagar gates will also change

With the implementation of the new system, the department will eliminate the need for the laborious process of using hammers and erecting sand pits when diverting water. According to officials, this system has not yet undergone testing. On Friday, the contract firm's team completed the repair of the lifting system for Swaroop Sagar, and the next step will involve the installation of a stopper in the lake.


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