Fuel prices go further up on the graph

Fuel prices go further up on the graph

VAT reduction is not yielding good result and the fuel price hike has impacted the vegetable market, too.
Fuel prices go further up on the graph

-A hike of 38 paise on diesel and 30 paise on petrol has been announced.

-The prices of vegetables have gone up as transportation cost has been impacted due to fuel price hike.

Fuel prices have been hiked once again and this has impacted the vegetable market, too, as transportation cost has gone considerably higher. It may be noted that VAT on fuel was reduced but that reduction has not yielded a good result.

Petrol rates have been hiked by 30 paise per litre and diesel has gone up by 38 paise per litre. The increase in diesel rates is obviously affecting the transportation of essential items and is impacting a common man’s kitchen.

In Udaipur, petrol is now available at rupees 95.22 and diesel at rupees 87.30. This does prove that the 2 percent reduction on VAT is of no use and the dent on the pocket is increasing constantly with the fuel prices on constant rise since past few days.

If this hike continues, where will the rates of vegetables and fruits go? If the food supplies are affected to such a great deal, it will actually become difficult for the common masses to buy vegetables but since one cannot do without this important part of diet, it is quite likely that a great deal of dissatisfaction will affect mental health more than the physical health. Vegetable prices had already gone up by 10 percent and with the rates of diesel going even higher; the transportation cost will increase which will impact the dealers, too.

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