Reported Deaths in Gaza touch 10500; 50% children among those murdered

Reported Deaths in Gaza touch 10500; 50% children among those murdered

Unconfirmed media reports of Israeli forces closing in on al-Shifa hospital in Gaza, which is purportedly the command centre of Hamas.

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Indiscriminate killing continues as Israeli forces rip apart the heart of Gaza

The barrage by Israeli forces on the helpless residents of Gaza continues on the 33rd day of the war between Israel and Hamas. Gaza Health Ministry has reported over 10,300 death of which 4,200 are children. The Israeli military has confirmed that they will be disabling the underground Hamas hideouts using explosives, as a next step in their onslaught on Gaza residents. The death toll in Israel is near 1,400 while reportedly 242 Israeli hostages have been taken by Hamas. At the time of writing this post, reports say that the Israeli military is inching closer to the middle of Gaza, adding that the military is closing in on the al-Shifa Hospital, which according to the IDF, is the command centre of Hamas.

Leftwing Jewish bodies and pro-Palestinian protestors have demanded a stop to the ruthless and indiscriminate killing of ordinary Palestinians in what looks like an obvious attempt to ethnic cleansing in the name of targetting Hamas.

The Human Rights group, Defense for Children International - Palestine has meanwhile given a statement saying that Israeli military is targetting and killing Palestinian children at an unprecedented rate. The ICRC has also said that its five truck convoy carrying life saving supplies into Gaza was blown up, injuring the drivers. Media reports say that the Israeli forces continue to launch deadly offensives on the civilian population in Gaza in their "misson" to 'eradicate' Hamas. The last 24 witness deadly air raids by IDF across the Gaza Strip targetting the Al-Shifa hospital and Indonesian hospitals alongwith the Jabalia, Khan, Nuseirat and Younis refugee camps.

Misinformation on the ongoing conflict in Gaza is thriving on social media - in the form of video footage, wrong translations, false reporting from the supposed conflict areas and false claims.

Media reports say that the dearth of water, flour and fuel along with the damage by the air raids has led to the closure of bakeries in North Gaza. Israeli forces are also attacking the safer areas of West Bank. Even after turning Gaza into a pile of rubble, the Israeli military is continuing with its bombardment of Gaza's residential blocks with reports claiming that a public school in West Gaza, filled with displaced people is being targetted by the Israeli gunboats. Nearly 15,000 people have fled from North Gaza on 7 November, which is thrice the number that left a day earlier. The residents are fleeing using the main North - South highway, during the 4 hour window announced by Israel. Palestinians living in the West Bank area, which is opposite to Gaza where Hamas is operating from, are also affected as reports confirm that nearly 150 Palestinians in the West Bank have been killed by Israel forces.

On the political front, the US President Joe Biden has rejected Israeli Prime Ministers Netanyahu's comment that Israel will control the security of Gaza after defeating Hamas. Netanyahu's comments have also come under fierce criticism and condemnation. White House spokesman John Kirby said that the US President has rejected Netanyahu's call on reoccupation of Gaza by Israeli forces.

In the 1967 war, Israel had annexed Palestinian territory of East Jerusalem along with other areas and had facilitated a suffocating blockade on these territories since 2007. Israel already control Gaza as it has control over the borders, airspace and territorial waters despite have agreed to formally withdraw its forces from the Gaza enclave in 2005.

Sources: Media Reports

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