Giraffes to be New Attraction at Sajjangarh Biological Park

Giraffes to be New Attraction at Sajjangarh Biological Park

A pair of two giraffes will be seen in the park soon...

Sajjangarh Biological Park Giraffe Enclosure

Locals and tourists visiting the Sajjangarh Biological Park are in for a treat as giraffes are soon to become the newest attraction. The Udaipur Development Authority (UDA) has gained funds for the construction of the giraffe enclosure. Once the UDA will allocate funds, construction will be started by the Forest Department. 

With the green signal from the UDA secured, plans are underway to allocate a spacious 7120 square meters for the giraffe enclosure.  Despite the eagerness to start the project, the onset of the Lok Sabha elections mandates adherence to the Model Code of Conduct, deferring the commencement of work until after the elections. 

The Central Zoo Authority had already granted approval for the giraffe enclosure at Sajjangarh Biological Park. The necessary funding will be obtained with the support of UDA. Agreement has been reached for this. Once the funds are received, the construction process will commence. - Devendra Kumar Tiwari, Deputy Forest Conservator. 

The groundwork for the giraffe enclosure has been meticulously laid out, with attention to detail ensuring an immersive experience for visitors. A specially designed display area spanning 5720 square meters promises optimal viewing for tourists, strategically positioned at a height to facilitate easy observation of the giraffes.

Additionally, a holding area encompassing 1,400 square kilometers will be constructed around the enclosure, featuring natural elements like rocks and trees. Engineers have already finalized plans for the shelter, incorporating essential features such as barriers, a water hall, and a chain-link mesh for safety.

The new shelter will not just be a home for one giraffe but will accommodate two of these creatures. To procure the giraffes, the Forest Department has initiated communication with various zoos across the country, paving the way for an exchange program wherein animals from Udaipur Zoo will be offered in return. 

Source: Rajasthan Patrika


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