Girl commits suicide in Gogunda

Girl commits suicide in Gogunda

Lesson time for all parents-DO NOT force kids to score good marks, encourage them to understand their topics.


Girl commits suicide in Gogunda

A girl in Gogunda committed suicide after falling into depression because of low percentage. This girl who appeared for 10th grade scored 65 percent marks which sent her into depression. The low percentage was not acceptable to the 16 year old girl and she ended her life by consuming poison. She was rushed to the hospital in Udaipur city where she died.

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It may be noted that students now-a-days are facing depression due to the growing competition and parents also keep forcing their kids for getting good score. 65 percent marks are not a bad score at all, but probably the girl’s expectations or her parents’ expectations for a comparatively better score forced her to end her life.

Parents are requested over and over again not to expect too much from the children when it comes to education. Every child has his own caliber and forcing a child for getting good score and comparison with others is taking too many lives. We need to encourage our children to understand the topic well and not just cram up to flaunt mark sheet in society.

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