Glacier burst in Uttarakhand is an alert for Udaipur

Glacier burst in Uttarakhand is an alert for Udaipur

Chamoli in Uttarakhand witnessed a huge disaster on Sunday. A glacier burst caused flash floods killing several people.
Glacier burst in Uttarakhand is an alert for Udaipur

-Udaipur city needs to understand that destroying hills for building resorts and hotels can cause disaster here as well. 

-In case of heavy rainfall, the city is likely to witness heavy flood in the near future.

A glacier burst in Chamoli in Uttarakhand caused a flash flood in Rishiganga River and almost 150 people are feared killed. The glacier burst is an eye opener that nature takes its revenge in its own way and no one can control this aspect of nature.

The glacier burst is yet another incident in Uttarakhand after the heart rendering Kedarnath floods where more than thousand people lost their lives in the flood. The rising water in Rishiganga River as a result of the glacier burst washed away the hydro project there.

The situation was feared long back when the hydro power station was being constructed and the natives had warned that the dam project at the mouth of the glacier is likely to disturb the natural path of glacier and any project must be carried out only after a good study of the rivers and lakes near the project site. But since the situation was overlooked, the disaster happend taking several lives with it.

This glacier burst is quite an eye opener for Udaipur and nothing can be as direct a message as this. People are destroying the hills for constructing hotels and restaurants. Deforestation will certainly disturb the balance of nature. The lakes in Udaipur will lose their surroundings and in case of heavy rainfall, there will be nothing to check the flow of water. We might land up in a similar flood like situation.

The hills help divide the water in various directions keeping a check on the speed of the water, hence avoiding overfilling which results in flood. If the hills are destroyed which is happening at a great speed in the present times, nature will show the colours of its vengeance and we might all be in grave danger. People planning for their hotel and restaurant projects must give a good thought to this and not mess with the nature’s balance.

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