Urgent Repairs Needed of Road in Gogunda-Ogna Area

Urgent Repairs Needed of Road in Gogunda-Ogna Area

Accident Prone Zone...


In the Gogunda-Ogna area, a 19-kilometer road has become a hazard for commuters due to multiple damages and safety concerns. The road, constructed five years ago, has suffered extensive deterioration, leading to frequent accidents. The lack of maintenance and adherence to safety standards has exacerbated the risks for motorists and pedestrians alike.

The road, vital for both local transportation and connecting communities, is plagued by numerous issues. Broken edges, potholes, and inadequate width make navigation difficult for vehicles, especially motorcycles. Additionally, the proximity of railway tracks without proper safety measures further compounds the dangers.

Accident Prone Zone

One particularly hazardous area near Lali Mata Ji has witnessed a spate of accidents, including collisions between vehicles and railway infrastructure. The absence of side walls and neglect of railway track repairs have contributed to these incidents, resulting in injuries and damage to property.

Local villagers, including Sarpanch have voiced their concerns over the alarming frequency of accidents. Despite their appeals, both the contractor responsible for the road construction and officials from the Public Works Department have failed to address the pressing need for repairs.

The situation demands urgent attention and swift action from authorities. Immediate repairs are necessary to mitigate the risks posed by the deteriorating road conditions and prevent further accidents.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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