Education Department’s 'Good Touch, Bad Touch' Initiative Empowers School Girls

Education Department’s 'Good Touch, Bad Touch' Initiative Empowers School Girls

In two years more than 60 teachers were suspended...

Good and Bad Touch

The initiative will again start in the month of January 

The Good Touch-Bad Touch initiative, implemented by the education department in schools, is proving to be effective. As a result, schoolgirls are gaining confidence to come forward, and teachers engaging in inappropriate behavior are facing consequences. Over the past two years, around 60 cases of teachers facing repercussions have been reported in the state, with some also undergoing legal action.

In a recent incident in the Bhinder block of Udaipur district, a teacher was suspended due to a similar matter. This reflects the commitment of the education department to address such issues and ensure the safety and well-being of students. The initiative aims to create a secure environment in schools, encouraging students to speak up against any form of misconduct and fostering a culture of accountability among educators.

The Government Secretary of the Department Secretary Navin Jain, even before he assumed a role in the School Education Department. Despite not being officially appointed in the department at that time, Jain took the initiative to conduct seminars across various districts, actively promoting awareness among girls.

During these seminars, he focused on the theme's importance, aiming to educate and empower young girls. His dedication to the cause didn't go unnoticed, and in 2022, upon assuming the position of the head of the School Education Department, Jain elevated the theme to the status of a formal campaign. This move underscored the significance he attributed to the initiative, now institutionalized under the department's leadership.

The Good Touch-Bad Touch project was launched this year, with the campaign taking place on August 26, 2023. The initiative included discussions, seminars, poster competitions, doctor's talks, and awareness programs led by specialists throughout the entire state, focusing on the topics of Good Touch and Bad Touch. These efforts aimed to raise awareness among thousands of children. Due to the success of the campaign, a similar initiative is scheduled to be conducted again in January next year. 

Approximately a month ago, at the Government Mahatma Gandhi English Medium School in Bhinder, Udaipur, a female student was harassed by a teacher. Initially, the girl felt scared and hesitant but later found the courage to confide in her parents. Consequently, a case was filed, and an investigation ensued against the teacher. The police arrested the teacher initially, but later, they were granted bail by the High Court. Following these events, the education department took action by suspending the teacher and transferring the case to the district headquarters in Bhim, Rajasthan.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar


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