Good ventilation reduces the risk of virus

Good ventilation reduces the risk of virus

Well ventilated spaces with directional air flow decrease the accumulated viral land in the air.

Proper ventilation improves air circulation.

A good circulation of air is imperative for weakening the growth of any kind of bacteria.

In the present times when people are being advised to stay from air-conditioned rooms or being asked to give up the use of ACs completely, questions are being raised about the trouble one would have to face in the growing heat.

The Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser on Thursday said that well ventilated places play a crucial role in reducing the transmission of infection from one person to another. It also added that ventilation is a community defence that protects us all at home or at work.

The advisory explained that just as smells can disappear through open windows and exhaust systems, ventilated spaces with improved directional air flow decreases the accumulated viral land in the air, reducing the risk of transmission.

All possible measures must be taken to improve ventilation at home and offices and even in large centralized buildings. Open doors and windows improve air circulation and air filtration, strategically placed fans and exhaust fan systems also play an important role in curtailing the spread of the disease.

An infected asymptomatic person can also transmit the virus. People should continue to wear masks and maintain social distancing, wash hands regularly or use sanitisers for safety. It has also been pointed out that SARS-CoV-2 virus infects a human host where it can multiply, in the absence of the host it cannot survive, and stopping the transmission of the virus from a person to another person will decrease the infection rate of the disease to a level where it can eventually die.

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